Review: Mix-d: Leave-In Conditioner & Moisture Spray

Let's face it searching for the holy grail of hair products can be tiring. On the other hand, when it comes to trusting a new product it's natural to get wash day jitters. Will it keep the frizz at bay? Will it define curls or devastate them?  Well YC's we think we may have found a diamond in the rough! After covering the foundations of their charity and now new hair products Mix-d: this summer, curiosity got the better of these curly cats and we had to try out what is set to be a welcome addition to the UK mixed hair market. But don't just take our word for it. We found two curlies willing to give the products a try. 


Social researcher, and Founder of Mix-d: (pronounced mixed) Bradley Lincoln is a knee problem solver, and came up with the idea for Mix-d: hair products after noticing a gap in the UK hair market. 

"My daughters, their friends, and family members have struggled for many years to find a suitable hair care product for their curly-mixed hair. And I wanted to help." 

"So, I got together with a focus group, talented chemist and a manufacturer to develop Mix-d: Hair. A unisex product specifically formulated for mixed and curly hair. And it works."

The recipients of the samples were given basic instructions, which we think was a great way for them to form a relationship with the product because no one wants a thousand and four instructions. Do they? 

Instructions went a little something like this...

Conditioner: Use on wet or dry hair. Apply a small amount to the centre of the palm and massage into hair, from root to tip.

Spray: Use on wet or dry hair. Spray small amount across hair to add moisture at beginning of day or apply when needed.

Christiana | 13 (Thai/Caribbean Mix)

13-year-old Christiana is an avid swimmer and was the first to try the newly formulated products. She often straightens hair and was recently allowed to colour her hair for the summer holidays. She wants to start redefining her curls. Christiana followed the instructions on the site herself and kicked off her washing routine with Palmers Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo.

How did you find the fragrance?

"I really liked the smell. It smelled even better than the products Mum usually buys from the supermarket, it's not too over powering and even after I had dried my hair with a diffuser the smell was still there."

What about the weight, Did it feel heavy in your hair? 

"No, it felt really light and wasn't too sticky like some of the conditioners Mum has used in my hair before. Once my hair was completely dry, I had to style it into a bun with a paddle brush. My hair was super soft and bouncy. Instead of using gel I used the spray to keep my hair in place and it worked! I really loved it. 

Finally, did the product absorb well?

" When I condition my hair with Mum, we usually comb through the conditioner so that I don't get a lot of knots, Sometimes there's more conditioner on the comb then in my hair. This time combing my hair out with a Tangle Teezer there wasn't a lot of product left on the teeth of the brush. So I think it absorbed really well and really quickly. It didn't leave any white flaky bits on my scalp, and it didn't feel greasy or sticky on my hair or scalp ." 

Overall, What did you think Mum?

"The product retained the moisture really really well. I was surprised. This meant that frizz to a minimum. She also mentioned that the texture wasn't too thick or heavy which meant when initially finger combing her hair it gave really good slip and moisture, (then we moved to the Tangle Teezer)  even better than the Shea Moisture Black Caster Oil conditioner she usually uses. All in All, we loved the product and I'd definitely use it again for her and her sisters. The smell was amazing. Very botanical." 


    Portia | 26 (German/St.Lucian Mix)

    Dancer and soon to be mum Portia's hair has come under pressure at one time or another. Like Christiana our first recipient, Portia has coloured her hair on several occasions. Combine this with transitioning (going natural) due to pregnancy and we've got a lot going on- on one head. Portia decided to Co-Wash with her Mix-d: Leave In Conditioner.

    How did you find the fragrance?

    "I love the smell. I think some may find it slightly overbearing but I love how floral it is. Some products can smell quite sterile or medicated, but this was perfect. It also lasted a long time after washing."

    What about the weight, Did it feel heavy in your hair? 

    "The consistency of the Leave-in-Conditioner was very nice. Smooth, light weight and not too thick and gloopy. Almost felt silk like when you rub it in between your fingers. I love the fact that a little bit goes a really long way. I put a 10p sized blob in my palm after my hair had been wet (this happened to be my co-wash day) and it managed to incorporate over 2 1/4 of my hair. It didn't leave my hair feeling heavy, on the contrary, it left it feeling quite buoyant during finger combing and after it has been dried. My hair had a fantastic sheen once dry and my curls looked so defined I was very impressed. I used the moisturising spray 2-3 days later and it gave my hair an amazing just washed moisture that I'm not sure I've had before. 

    Finally, did the product absorb well?

    "Both products absorbed into my hair really well, without leaving any creamy or dry residue.The leave in conditioner really brought my curls back to life, as throughout my pregnancy (I'm 7 months) my hair has felt dry and brittle regardless of what I use and I was beginning to think that I'd made the wrong decision to transition, but clearly it's just been a matter of timing. These products are amazing and I can't wait to buy them. It’s changed my wash day game and I loved the consistency and the fact that I didn't have to apply very much just to get a decent result.  

    Have you managed to get your hands on Mix-d: samples? If so let us know how you got on when using it on yourself or your mini YC. We want to know! 

    You can find Mix-d on Instagram here and more about Mix-d: hair and their prodcuct release later this year here!

    Yindi Curls