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Hair masterclasses for parents/carers of super curly kids.



Yindi Curls is a hair workshop facilitator and online hair education series, based in the UK- that promotes positive self-esteem and hair care love to children and their parents/carers. Yindi Curls workshops aka Curl College are designed to offer support and advice to parents/carers of particularly – although not exclusively black and mixed heritage children, who want to learn about the techniques, products and tools needed to care for their children’s hair more effectively. 


Since launching in 2015 we have taken great pride in creating our workshops, making sure that every session is fun, fashionable and informative.


What is hair? How does curly hair grow? Can it grow beyond a certain point?  What is the texture of curly/ afro hair? Answer these questions and more at our day masterclasses.


Yindi Curls Masterclasses are a perfect blend of hands-on practicals and thorough theory.
From it's steady pace to humorous curl chat and education, introducing you to the techniques, products and tools needed to care for your child's hair more effectively.
Each session focuses on a variety of topics, from educating students in the fine art of
sealing, to fluffing and the mystery of shrinkage.


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From ramblings to recipes follow the Yindi Curls blog for

a weekly view of what's going on in our curly world .